Before we talk about living as a service, just to give some context, here what’s up with house prices near me. Here’s a bit about Toronto’s housing crisis 👇

Residents in some parts of the GTA drop more than half their income on rent.

Turn back to last year, and these are the first returns on any search that has: a) Housing b) Toronto

Here are the main facts + effects:

  • Canada’s house prices have grown three times that of household income since 2000
  • Higher house prices reduce the standard of living and constrain economic growth
  • Restrictive land-use policies are…

When a Homo Sapien first sees a fire, it loves it because of the warmth that it provides, but after touching it realized that it can burn you. This might of been one of the earliest lessons that we learned through evolution.

But never the less, it was a lesson.

The whole concept of learning has come from outcomes, either a good one or a bad one.

Starting a fire = warmth, and light(good outcome)

Touching a fire = hand burns (bad outcome)

It’s like this we slowly learned what to do and what not to do, in the world…

Not a day goes by where I don’t hear about a new breakthrough in the COVID-19 vaccine trials. But it’s commonly overseen because not everybody knows how a vaccine works and how we would use it to prevent more people from getting infected.

Vaccines are multifaceted, there’s a huge process when it comes to creating one, an even bigger one when it comes to validating its safety and efficacy. The more we know, the more we can play our part in creating awareness.

It’d be naive to think that I can cover everything in this article, but here’s what you’ll…

Just in the span of 2 months, everybody went from, “it’ll pass” to get away from me.

Stores are being overwhelmed by consumers in demand for toilet paper, face masks, hand sanitizers, etc.

But why?

It’s because we don’t know how to react. We’re stuck in this idea of panic buying = more security, but in reality, we don’t know what we’re buying. Countries are in a similar dilemma, they don’t have a great idea about handling outbreaks. Some ordered heavy lockdowns while others dipping feet in the pool of “social distancing”.

COVID-19 infected >300,000 people and >13,000 are dead…

If you look at my medium profile right now, you can see multiple articles on how we can use several variations of stem cell therapies to cure different types of degenerative diseases. But I was wrong!

No, not wrong about the huge potential that stem cell therapies have, but I was wrong in thinking that implementing these therapies right now is our next step. When going through my research, I had a realization:

There are way too many problems with creating induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC), that would make stem cell therapies inefficient and would take forever.

Let’s talk about…

Has anyone ever asked you what you want to be when you grow up?

and you say you wanna be a firefighter, but in your head, you really wanna be a superhero…

Knowing that becoming a superhero with powers from animals is nowhere near achievable right now, but it may be possible to a certain extent with the help of exponential technologies like CRISPR Cas-9 and genetic engineering. Before I tell you how you can become a superhero, let’s go over the fundamentals of gene editing and how CRISPR works.

What is Gene Editing?

Gene editing is a group of technologies that scientists use…

There are 2,604 billionaires in the world…

Yet something like disease, that’s been bothering mankind since the beginning of time, is still something that we can’t get past. We have so many smart and rich people in the world, we still can’t find solutions for what seems to be an everlasting problem.

Something I realized is, we don’t have enough smart + rich people working on problems that actually matter. We don’t have enough people spending time on the world’s biggest problems.

I like to be very intentional with my time, knowing why I’m doing what I’m doing. But I…

Every day, I walk past people being hurt by diseases, affecting different parts of the body that just make their lives 10x harder. Technology has grown exponentially in such a short amount of time, but we still can’t cure these victims. Why?

We’ve come so far, we need only a little more to help millions around the world. There are so many smart people around the world, but we can’t solve these fundamental issues that have been killing humans since the beginning of time. Why?

In today’s world, so many new technologies are being discovered and developed, one of them…

A brief on the future of regenerative medicine

Imagine a world where families are untouched by harmful diseases, imagine a world where billions of dollars that aren’t invested in cures will shift towards education or poverty. Well, how do we get there? The answer lies in stem cells, the key to degenerative diseases. Stem cells are on the rise of being the face of all medical treatments and therapies that are used to combat debilitating diseases, let’s break down why.

“Stem cells are nature’s vital gift towards multicellular beings, including humans”

A few weeks prior to writing this article, I attended a conference about type 1 diabetes (JDRF…

Empowerment is a hard term to define and understand. Government bodies and other organizations tend to use the term to support the idea of development, the heart of this term relies on giving power to people and communities to control their lives and utilize their rights to their full extent. The real question that stands is: How do you go about empowering people or communities?

Microsoft, a multi-billion dollar company with millions of users around the globe, has made its mark on the world of exponential technologies and innovation. “Our mission is to empower every single person and organization to…

Valmik Rao

Just a 16-year-old trying to solve the world’s biggest problems…

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