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  • Rishi Mehta

    Rishi Mehta

    15 y/o working on ending open defecation in Nigeria + increasing the energy density of batteries.

  • Tomas Pueyo

    Tomas Pueyo

    2 MSc in Engineering. Stanford MBA. Ex-Consultant. Creator of applications with >20M users. Currently leading a billion-dollar business @ Course Hero

  • Steven ten Holder

    Steven ten Holder

    The future could be marvelous - let's make it happen. BioEng Entrepreneur.

  • Navid Nathoo

    Navid Nathoo

    Founder, The Knowledge Society

  • Adara Hagman

    Adara Hagman

    18 y/o researching closed-loop systems for earth + space.

  • Joey Mach

    Joey Mach

    Passionate about the intersection between biotechnology and artificial intelligence. Always working on interesting stuff.

  • Edward Wang

    Edward Wang

    Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning enthusiast.

  • MIT Technology Review

    MIT Technology Review

    Reporting on important technologies and innovators since 1899

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