• Ruben Rekhi

    Ruben Rekhi

    Hey, I’m Ruben. I’m a 16 y/o just trying to solve problems. I like tech, tennis, hanging out with friends, dystopian novels and comedy movies.

  • Chandhana Sathishkumar

    Chandhana Sathishkumar

    screw the moon, I’m going to mars

  • Edward Wang

    Edward Wang

    Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning enthusiast.

  • Steven ten Holder

    Steven ten Holder

    The future could be marvelous - let's make it happen. BioEng Entrepreneur.

  • Suraj Bansal

    Suraj Bansal

    17 y/o student researcher and software developer interested in pharmacogenomics, computational medicine, and global health! website: https://surajbansal.ca/

  • Joey Mach

    Joey Mach

    Passionate about the intersection between biotechnology and artificial intelligence. Always working on interesting stuff.

  • Kuro


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