COVID-19: Beginning of the End.

  • What’s happening today?
  • What can we expect & what can we do?
  • What does a good COVID-19 strategy look like?
  • How at this pace, we'll overwhelm healthcare systems around the world, in the end causing them to breakdown.
  • How we’re treating this pandemic as a short term sprint while it’s going to affect us long term.
  • How focusing on creating prevention methods (flattening the curve)will help in the short term sprint, rather than the vaccine process that will take ~1.5 years.
  • How flattening the curve of coronavirus cases, will relieve the healthcare system.
  • The amounts of death in countries if we don’t flatten the curve, in the next 18 months.

#1: What’s happening today?

(From March 8th, 2020 ~ March 20th,2020)
  • They haven’t developed the proper systems to tackle something on this magnitude (Bill agrees)
  • Developed countries can better identify the virus through testing
  • The US and Canada have imposed border restrictions for foreigners
  • The European Union has sealed all its borders to foreigners for 30 days
  • China and other Asian countries are seeing cases being brought in from abroad, and have imposed a 14-day quarantine for those that are coming back from affected countries before they can visit certain places
  • Hong Kong even wants new arrivals to wear an electronic tag, where their movements can be tracked

SARS Pandemic

#2: What can we expect & what can we do?

Visual representation of how many times COVID has mutated in different geographic locations.

Flattening the Curve 📉

How vaccines are created? 👨‍🔬

  1. Exploratory Stage
  2. Investigational New Drug (IND)
  3. Trials

#3: What does a good COVID-19 strategy look like?

If you want to solve anything, your must define what you want.

  • Government allocates face masks to retailers and reduces the price to $10 (Jan 17th)
  • The government announced that the spread of fake news for COVID-19 can be fined up to $100,000 (Jan 22th)
  • The government declared that home isolation violators will be fined up to $10,000 USD, while home quarantine regulations will be fined up to $5,000 USD (Feb 12th)
  • If 1+ case in a class (K-9) infected with COVID-19, the class is suspended for 14 days. If 2+ cases in a school, the school is closed for 14 days.




Just a 16-year-old trying to solve the world’s biggest problems…

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Valmik Rao

Valmik Rao

Just a 16-year-old trying to solve the world’s biggest problems…

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